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Persistence, endurance, patience, blood, sweat and tears. These are but a few words that are synonymous with Houtkraal. This venture of Roelie Jacobs started years ago with only a dream and a will to succeed. Opening his first branch in Vereeniging back in 1998 selling untreated poles was the first step in becoming one of the largest producers and suppliers of CCA poles.

Currently Houtkraal consists of seven branches; Boksburg, Graskop, Heidelberg, Kimberley, Mozambique, Randburg, Vereeniging and Witbank. Graskop is predominant a treating plant that is up to SABS standards and are also audited and inspected by SABS inspectors on a regular basis. It is also regarded as a model treating plant. Houtkraal is proud to set a standard in the industry and to make the impossible possible.

With buying the Barberton treating plant, Roelie was told that the production capacity is only so much. Once again, to show what Houtkraal is about, Roelie supported and sweated with his Barberton crew and did the impossible by doubling the projected production capacity. Soon after that Graskop treating plant was listed under Houtkraal. The Baberton treating plant is now closed as we doubling the production capacity at the Graskop treating plant.

It’s not always just production that made Houtkraal successful, but the exceptional quality and service. While complying to the SABS Standards, it's the standard of the clients that was higher and more important. Always setting higher standards than the norm, Houtkraal started to grow and make its mark in the industry, which is just the production side.

Boksburg, Graskop, Heidelberg, Kimberley, Vereeniging and Witbank are Houtkraal’s retail branches where a huge number of local, national and international contractors, as well as the general public prosper from best prices and services available. The continual availability of stock makes Houtkraal unique in the sense that they can supply on immediate demand regardless of the quantity that is needed. On top of that, we will beat any written reputable quote and are well known not just for good quality and prices but especially for our service. All of Houtkraal’s staff, both in sales and production, are experts in their trade. The staff are also trained by SABS, are well informed by the SABS regulations and the sales personnel can assist you in the design and planning of your lapa, fence or deck. Nothing is too much trouble.

Houtkraal also supplies thatch grass, Cape reeds, garden edging, dog kennels, SA Pine and specialize in exports to Mozambiqeu. As a market leader, Houtkraal has joint ventures with market leaders in their own.

Whatever you need!.. If it is the garden, jungle gym, fence, lapa, paving, etc. give us a call and put the team of Roelie Jacobs to the test...

If you need a getaway, visit to read more about Roelies latest venture, a Mozambiquan holiday resort. It is a barefoot beach paradise which he built himself and is fully equipped and selfcatering.

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